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Quartermaster Functional Areas


QM Fuctional Areas: Aerial Delivery Icon

Aerial Delivery:

See how parachute packing began during World War II and has been used to deliver Soldiers and supplies in critical operations.


QM Fuctional Areas: Field Services Icon

Field Services:

See why cleanliness isn’t just morale, it’s a medical necessity; and see how Army has learned to deliver clean clothing.


QM Fuctional Areas: Mortuary Affairs Icon

Mortuary Affairs:

See how the Army has fulfilled its obligation to care for the remains of fallen comrades.


QM Fuctional Areas: Culinary Services Icon

Culinary Services:

See the continuous improvements in how the Army feeds its Soldiers, whether in the field or in garrison.


QM Fuctional Areas: Petroleum Icon


See how the Army has fueled the force since the appearance of the internal combustion engine.


QM Fuctional Areas: Potable Water Icon

Potable Water:

See Army water purification systems have improved throughout time, even under the most difficult circumstances.


QM Fuctional Areas: Supply Management Icon

Supply Management:

See why supply management is a balance between giving the Soldiers what they need while avoiding waste, and how the Army has evolved from paper to computers.


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