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Operation & Planning Tools:

Equipment Failure Reporting

Quality Deficiency Report (QDR):
Electronic reporting of equipment failure (example: Collapsible tank failure etc.) In the "Site Search" (top Left side of page) type QDR and at next page under "Services Pages Found" click on "Electronic Deficiency Reporting Sys (EDRS)" this will take you to the report submission page. (NOTE: Include specific details related to the failure, if a collapsible tank dated wetted which identifies when product was first placed in tank plus type of product also and if available pictures.)


FA, GPM, MAM, SOUM, TAM Messages

Links to Petroleum Field Alert (FA), Ground Precautionary (GPM), Maintenance Advisory (MAM), Safety of Use (SOUM), and Technical Advisory (TAM) Messages:

Army Petroleum Center (APC)
GPM, MAM, SOUM, and TAM messages.

TACOM LCMC Safety First
NOTE: When at this Website, under Navigation (Left side of page) find “Safety First Home Page” and “Maintenance Messages Home Page” links. Also you can request “E-Mail Subscriptions” for all the messages that may apply to you.

On the web site under message header Select a COMMODITY GROUP for drop-down – next select SOLDIER AND COMBAT SUPPORT SYSTEMS and then look for Petroleum or Water.

For (Maintenance Messages) Maintenance Advisory Message (MAM), Maintenance Action (MA) and Maintenance Information (MI) messages can be linked through the red ALERT box on TULSA page and following same steps as above.


Accounting and Planning Aid References

Automated Fuel Accounting Program
Allows units and activities to automate Army fuel accounting. Requires Excel 5.0 or newer. Click Here to open file, use Save As, to save the file to a folder or disk.

Joint Petroleum Logistics Planning Guide
For planning petroleum interoperability support operations. Click Here to request your copy by e-mail.

Petroleum and Water Equipment Smart Book
For commanders and staff planners facts on petroleum and water equipment to support operations. Click Here to request your copy by e-mail.

Petroleum Planning & Operations 923A / 92F / 92L / Staff Planners Smart Guide
This publication establishes basic guidance for planning and executing petroleum support operations, planning factors, products , equipment, and support procedures. Click Here to request your copy by e-mail.

Water Planning & Operations 923A / 92W / Staff Planners Smart Guide
This publication establishes basic guidance for planning and executing water support operations, planning factors, products, equipment, and support procedures.
Click Here to request your copy by e-mail.

Potable Water Planning Guide
For planning water support operations for military and humanitarian relief, requirements. Click Here to request your copy by e-mail.



ATP 4-43: Petroleum Supply Operations, August 2015 (CAC Protected)

TB 10-5430-253-13: Collapsible Fabric Fuel Tanks

This technical bulletin provides guidelines for determining collapsible fuel tank service life, fill levels, BRAG rating system and Product Quality Deficiency Report (PQDR) procedures.

MIL-STD-3004D (w/Change 1): QA/QS for Fuels, Lubricant Products (CAC Protected)

MIL-STD-290F: Packaging & Marking of Petroleum & Related Products.

MIL-HDBK-1022A: Petroleum Fuel Facilities.

MAM 06-048: Collapsible Tank Shelf-Life

TAM 07-002: Filter Separator Service Life Change

GPM 08-015: Collapsible Tank SERVICE LIFE

Fuels Technical Letter (FTL) 15-02 Change 1, Field Blending of
Additives in Commercial Jet Fuel (CAC Protedted)

This FTL with 4 Enclosures provides guidance on additizing, blending, and
testing commercial jet fuel (Jet A and Jet A-1) by hand to meet JP-8

Fuels Technical Letter (FTL) 16-01, AVGAS Use in TRM's (CAC Protedted)
The storing, transporting and testing of AVGAS in a TRM.

Fuels Technical Letter (FTL) 16-02, (CAC Protedted) Procedures and Standards for Army Fuel Laboratory Certification

The FTL applies to all Army Petroleum Laboratories, whether installation or PQAS-E

Fuels Technical Letter (FTL) 17-01, Rescind Superseded FTL (CAC Protedted)

Rescinded six (6) FTL’s 11-01, 11-02, 12-02 (Ch 2), 13-01, 13-02 & 14-01

Certification Inspection Checklist Guide, (CAC Protedted) Army Petroleum Laboratory Certification Inspection Checklist Techniques Guide 19 Sep 2016

Technical Advisory Message (TAM) 14-001 (CAC Protected)

Fuel Nozzle for use on the LUH-72 (LAKOTA) that meet the regulatory standards for fueling.

TM 10-6640-263-13&P: PQAS-E

TM 10-6640-262-13&P: PQAS

TM 10-6630-223-13&P: Test Kit Aviation

STP 10-92F15-SM-TG: Petroleum Soldier Manual

STP 10-92L14-SM-TG: Petroleum Laboratory Specialist Soldier Manual

ATP 3-04.94: Army Techniques Publication for Forward Arming and
Refueling Points (FARP)


WATER Publication:

TB Med 577:   Sanitary Control & Surveillance of Field Water Supplies.

FM 10-52-1: Water Operations

TM 10-4610-232-12: 3K ROWPU

TM 10-4610-309-10: 1,500 TWPS

TM 10-4610-310-14: 125 LWP

TM 10-6630-222-12&P: Water Quality Test Kit (WQAS-P)

TM 10-4320-346-12&P: FAWPASS (New Model)

TM 10-5430-244-10: HIPPO

STP 10-92W14-SM-TG: Water Soldier Manual

MAM on HIPPO Loading Capacity (CAC Protected)

ATP 4-44 / MCRP 3-17.7Q,
Water Support Operations, Oct 2015
 (CAC Protected)
ATP 4-44 / MCRP 3-17.7Q provides doctrinal guidance and direction for United States Army and United States Marine Corps units conducting water support operations.

Defense Automated Publications System (DAPS):
(NOTE: Location to download Military Specifications, Standards and other publications (Example MIL-STD-161F).)

US Army Publishing Agency (USAPA): 
(NOTE: Location to download AR and DA Pamphlets.)

Publication Source for TMs,
(NOTE: At the "Authorized Access Only" at the bottom click on "I Accept" on the next screen at the bottom click on "Links to Official Army Publications Websites" followed by clicking on "U.S. Army Logistics Support Activity (TMs, TBs & SC)" following this screen you will be at the "ETM Search" screen where you can locate a publication by enter the first 6 digits of the pub number. You will be presented a listing of all publications with that numeric sequence.)

Soldier's Training Homepage and Digital Library
This site provides access to training information, documents and products. Reimer Digital Library is accessed through this site. (NOTE: To access Field Manuals under library leave "School" choice as "ANY", if you do not, FM 10-67-1 may not show in the list of publications.)

WaterDawgs Virtual Team Web Site
At AKO go to "Site Map", in Search Sites enter: 92W, then click the Search button. Look for file titled "92W WaterDawgs (Profile)  (Homepage)", click on to reach the WaterDawgs community to discuss water issues. This site contains discussions, papers and links to official pubs specifically for Water Operations.



The following are a source of information. After file is opened, use Save As to save files to a folder or disk.

PQAS-E Component NSN Listing (CAC Protected)

Petroleum Equipment Stock Numbers 

Water Equipment Stock Numbers 

Lubricants & Additives 

Water 3K ROWPU BII Pictures 

Water 1.5K TWPS ROWPU BII Pictures 

Water 125 LWP BII Pictures

Water Tank Rack HIPPO BII Pictures

Water 40K SDS BII Pictures

Water FAWPSS BII Pictures



Fuel Card 

Jet A-1 vs. JP-8

Packaged Products

Packaged Product Shelf-Life

BRAG System Appendix A Form: Bulk Storage Tank Spreadsheet (BSTS)The BSTS form is used to indicate daily status of all in use fuel tanks by location.

BRAG System Appendix B Form: Bulk Storage Tank Record (BSTR)        The BSTR form is used to indicate daily status of each in use fuel tank. All in use fuel tanks are to be inspected daily and status recorded on it's BSTR form.


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