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Philip A. Connelly Program

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Mission Statement :

The Philip A. Connelly Program is regulated within AR 30-22, The Army Food Service Program. The objectives of this program is to promote and improve Army food service through awareness with incentives, competition and media attention. Encourage and Recognize deserving units for superb performance. Award individuals for stellar management practices and Honor the traditions of the Philip A. Connelly Awards Program. It is Co-sponsored by the International Food Service Executives Association (IFSEA) and the Department of the Army (DA). The Joint Culinary Center of Excellence (JCCoE), Army Center of Excellence, Subsistence Special Program Directorate (SPD) administers the program. IFSEA participates in the evaluation of finalists, the presentation of Awards and other forms of recognition that support the program's objectives.

Philip A. Connelly

Philip A. Connelly Background :

Philip A Connelly was born in Framingham, Massachusetts in June 1907, Philip A. Connelly became a leader in his chosen profession - Food Service Management. He worked diligently and earnestly throughout his life to promote professionalism in food service, in both the civilian industry and military services. As a result of his dedicated purpose and positive influence, civilian and military food service programs are more closely aligned and personnel in these programs now have uniform goals in education training, career development and job opportunities. This program is his legacy.

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IFSEA Background :

IFSEA is a professional organization dedicated to raising food service industry standards, educating members and future industry leaders, recognizing member achievements and serving the growing needs of the diverse, dynamic multi-billion dollar a year market for food away from home.

IFSEA is the food service industry's oldest trade association. Organized in 1901, the organization has branches throughout the United States, the Pacific Region (including China, Hawaii, Guam, Philipines, Korea and Japan), Canada, Germany and Singapore.

Membership is comprised of management executives from all aspects of food service, executive chefs, operators, dietitians, consultants, managers and owners of catering firms, restaurants, hotels, clubs, institutions, armed forces and other organizations having food service operations. Persons interested in joining IFSEA may contact the International headquarters website

Philip A. Connelly Personnel - Points of Contact :

  • Program Manager:(804) 734-3028 / DSN 687-3028
  • NCO:(804) 734-3327 / DSN 687-3327
  • Administrative Assistant: (804) 734-3029 / DSN 687-3029

Last updated on: August 24, 2015