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Culinary Arts Program

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Mission Statement

The U.S. Army Culinary Arts Competition at Fort Lee is the largest culinary
competition in the North America. Since 1973, the competition has been held
each year with the exception of 1991 and 2003, during Desert Storm and
Operation Iraqi Freedom.  The competition is sanctioned by the American
Culinary Federation and showcases the talents of military chefs from around the globe in all branches of the U.S. Armed Forces. 

In 2008, the Army Chef of the Year competition was changed to the Armed Forces Chef of the Year and chefs from all branches of service became eligible to compete for this highly coveted award.

In 2009, The Army Center of Excellence, Subsistence officially became the Joint Culinary Center of Excellence, further integrating chefs and culinarians from each branch.

2013 will provide some much anticipated updates to the competition such as the new Masters Category (the same as ACF Chef of the Year), and few more updates to continue to focus on the Student chef – our future.  The continuation of exciting live competitions and new displays throughout the entire show, full days of live cooking, all open for public viewing at the Fort Lee Field House (B6008). This format mirrors the structure of the World Culinary Olympics held every four years in Erfurt, Germany.  The show has it all; ice sculptures, pastries, seafood, wild game and amazing centerpieces made of everything edible. From aiolis to zabaglione, you will see it here. We truly look forward to seeing these young military chefs in action.

Image of a competitor during the Chef of the Year Competition Image of judges Image of competitors answering questions during the Knowledge Bowl


U. S. Army Culinary Arts Team (USACAT) :

The U.S. Army Culinary Arts Team (USACAT) is the U.S. National Military Culinary Team, which is part of Team USA, sanctioned by the ACF.  USACAT competes at local, national, and international culinary competitions, as well as provides training and conducts demonstrations all over the country. The Commanding General, USAQMS appoints the team manager and members.  As of 2008, the USACAT is open to all branches of service, with one slot available per branch.

The purpose of USACAT competitions is to offer the military chef an opportunity to sharpen and broaden his or her cooking skills.  USACAT members are obligated to share knowledge with whoever wishes to learn. This ultimately benefits the military diners in troop dining facilities in garrison and on the battlefield.


Advanced Food Service Training Division Contact Information:

Email: usarmy.lee.tradoc.list.jccoe-advanced-culinary@mail.mil

  • AFSTD Chief: (804) 734-3274 / DSN: 687-3274
  • AFSTD NCOIC: (804) 734-3103 / DSN: 687-3103
  • AFSTD Admin: (804) 734-3106 /DSN: 687-3106


Last updated on: August 11, 2014