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RCAO History

During the Cold War, National Guard and Reserve forces numbered over one million personnel but contributed support to the Active Forces at a rate of fewer than one million man-days per year. To serve in the Reserve Components during that period meant being kept ready in reserve, waiting for the advent of World War III and the cataclysmic contingency that would call them to duty on the front lines in the fight against communism in Europe or Asia.

As the Cold War concluded, there was a need for a new national military strategy and a restructured military force. In embracing this new strategy for a new century, America’s National Guard and Reserve are moving to the forefront of efforts to secure peace, engender democracy, and nurture market economies on a global scale. Today’s 866,000 Reserve Component forces provide roughly 13 million man-days of support per year, a stark contrast to the Cold War years’ contribution.

As of today the RCAO has a great deal to offer all Soldiers on Fort Lee. It provides a link between the US Army Quartermaster School (QMS), Fort Lee, Virginia, Reserve Component (RC) units and Soldiers; this includes both the Army National Guard (ARNG) and the US Army Reserves (USAR).

Working in coordination with each QMS directorate, the RCAO provides the RC perspective on issues that cross the spectrum of the QMS mission. The team is comprised of nine Soldiers to include our three TRADOC RC Noncommissioned officer liaisons. The Director is a Reserve Soldier whose overall mission is to support the integration of the USAR and ARNG as vital components of the Quartermaster Corps and the Total Army. The remaining Soldiers are either Active Guard Reserve (AGR) or mobilized Soldiers also dedicated to the mission.

The RCAO provides the field with a channel of communication to address questions and concerns of interest to all logisticians with regards to how the RC and Active Component (AC) should interact and can benefit each other. The RCAO can answer questions regarding RC policy and procedures; assist with resolving RC pay and promotion issues; follow-on or additional training opportunities; provide assistance to officers and enlisted Soldiers regarding the enrollment process and information on all courses taught here at Fort Lee; and assist Soldiers with all aspects of RC Advanced Individual Training.

RC Soldiers are encouraged to contact the RCAO on any matter of interest regarding the Quartermaster Corps and the Total Army. Please contact the office via phone (see the Point of Contact listing) or via mail at Reserve Component Affairs Office, US Army Quartermaster School, ATTN: ATSM-AC-R, 2221 Adams Avenue, SCoE, Bldg 5020, Room 3306, Fort Lee, Virginia 23801-2102.

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