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The Quartermaster Corps, originally designated the Quartermaster Department, was established on June 16, 1775. While numerous additions, deletions, and changes of function have occurred, its basic supply and service support functions have continued in existence.


Quartermaster Corps Birthday - June 16th, 1775

After the skirmishes as Lexington and Concord and the New England provincial Army had laid siege to the British garrison in Boston, delegates to the Second Continental Congress meeting in the old State House in Philadelphia (later known as Independence Hall) turned their attention toward creating a National Army.

Here, on 16 June 1775, George Washington, "rising in his place," accepted the commission of his fellow members to become Commander of the Continental Army. Among other actions taken

that same day, Congress approved the appointment of a "Quarter-Master-General." And with that brief act the United States Army Quartermaster Corps was born.

Since that time Quartermaster soldiers have served in every war and in every major campaign throughout our nation’s history. And assisted with humanitarian aid and disaster relief in peacetime as well.

This week the Quartermaster Corps proudly celebrates the anniversary of its founding.


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Quartermaster Museum has preserved the history and heritage of the U.S. Army Quartermaster Corps, the Army's oldest logistics branch.

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