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Water Training Division (WTD)

Water Training Division  



The mission of the Water Training Division (WTD) is to provide initial entry water training (technical and tactical) to the Water Treatment Specialist (92W10), Advanced Individual Training (AIT), for Active Army, Army Reserve, and National Guard soldiers.



Water treatment training had been conducted under the direction of the Engineer School, Fort Belvoir, Virginia. In 1981, the decision was made to transfer proponency to the Quartermaster School and combine career management fields with petroleum because water was a liquid logistics function. Final transfer was completed in September 1984 and training began at Fort Lee, Virginia. The first Water Purification class under the Quartermaster School graduated 19 December 1984.



This Division has five water training areas, which provide for varied training. The 41st street site simulates wellhead water production operations; the two Bailey's Creek sites allow for production from a small water source; the Appomattox River site allows for production from a large water source; and the Military in the Field site provides training on storage and distribution operations.


Army Water Resources References:

This link contains Army water supply, distribution, and well drilling related field and training manuals, fact sheets, blank forms, etc.     


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