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Joint Mortuary Affairs Center



– Advise the U.S Army and Joint staffs on MA issues.

– Provide comprehensive Mortuary Affairs expertise and technical    assistance to all Services & Combatant Commands.

– Monitor current operations and readiness.

– Maintain EA records; conduct inquiries, perform analysis, and    prepare reports for Senior Leaders.

– Interface with federal and DoD agencies to address issues of    national significance.


The JMAC is a world-class training and executive agent organization enabling Mortuary Affairs Units, Soldiers, and Leaders to provide expert mortuary affairs support to the Army and Joint Forces across the full spectrum of operations.


DOD Directive 1300.22, dated 3 Feb 2000, identifies the Department of the Army (DA) as the Executive Agent (EA) for Mortuary Affairs (MA) within the Department of Defense.

Effective 1 Oct 2008, Army G-4 directed the Army Quartermaster School at Ft Lee, VA to stand up a provisional Joint Mortuary Affairs Center to execute the Army's EA mission.

DA approved the JMAC Concept Plan on 4 May 2009, establishing the JMAC at Ft Lee under the Quartermaster School, with Army G4 maintaining oversight of the EA mission.

The JMAC has the mission to, "ensure continuous, sustainable, and global mortuary affairs support" for the DOD. The JMAC monitors DOD capabilities, provides technical assistance to major commands, drafts MA policy for the Army and DOD, and serves as the subject matter expert (SME) to the Joint and Service staffs.


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