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Property Book Unit Supply Enhanced (PBUSE)

PBUSE Training Aids were released to the PBUSE Enterprise 16 January 2009. The Training Aids will include 105 integrated training products located in the PBUSE application. This release updated the previous Job Aids to assist users in the field when unsure of the procedure to complete a particular transaction. The Training Aids will give the user specific "Show Me" training with narration. The user will also have the option to perform the required steps using the "Try It" feature. There is also a "check on learning" available that can be used as an assessment tool. All Training Aids are accompanied by a downloadable PDF of the Training Aid. All can be accessed without leaving PBUSE.

Anyone with an AKO account can access the PBUSE Training Center by following the steps shown below:

1. Go to the PBUSE Log On page (https://pbuse.army.mil)

2. Enter your AKO Username and password.

3. At the Security Warning Screen click "Continue".

4. At the PBUSE Homepage click on Training Aids. This will open a
new window that displays the PBUSE Training Center.

5. Click on the functional area that you are interested in and take the training.

Again, anyone with an AKO account can access this.

Problems logging on:

Some people are currently experienceing problems accessing the PBUSE Website. Please try the following fix listed below. If you need further assistance, please contact the PBUSE help desk, also listed below:

If you continue to have problems viewing the PBUSE Site or need more information, you can contact the PBUSE help desk:

Point of Contact Information:

• POC: PM LIS Customer Support Network

• Call Us Toll free (866)547-1349
    DSN: 687-1051; OCONUS: 312-687-1051

• Enter an issue using our web portal:
   URL address: https://s4if.lee.army.mil

• PBUSE Help Desk E-Mail – usarmy.lee.sec.mbx.sec-eisd-cso@mail.mil


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