Q.  We are using Windows XP to run the interactive 92A Basic Supply Principles and Supply Supervisor CD with no success.  The interactive CD only works with Windows 2000 or below.  Who do we contact for assistance?

A.  Please contact the U.S. Army Combined Arms Support Command (CASCOM) Training Directorate (TD) at (804) 765-1424 or DSN 539-1424.

Q.  Do you have any information on Providing Packaging and Distribution Assistance and Task, Condition and Standard?

A.   Click on the links below to download the documents listed below:

        E-2 Principles of Materiel Packaging

        E-2 Principles of Materiel Packaging Lesson Plan PE

        E-2 Principles of Materiel Packaging Lesson Plan.1aa

Q.  Our warehouse is conducting low density training on warehouse operations (receiving, issue, turn in, and storage).  Do you have any PowerPoint presentations that I may use?

A.  I have placed 35 files on the AKO web site.  Here are the steps to access them: 

        Log on to AKO -  Click on “FILES’ on the menu - Select from the left side of the screen menu U.S. ARMY ORGANIZATIONS - Select TRADOC - Select SCHOOLS - Select QM SCHOOL - Select LTD - Select 92A TRAINING - Select WAREHOUSE.   Then you can click on the files you want to view or save individually or you can select several or all of them to download to your computer.

Q.  Where do I find on-line courses?

A.  CASCOM Training Directorate has a list of all exportable training.  They can be reached a (804) 765-1424.

Q.  I am trying to get some information pertaining to ULLS-G training at 92A AIT vs the 1 week ULLS-G operator course.   What training is conducted in AIT?

A.  We teach the following in the AIT course:  Perform System Set-up, Access the Army Logistics Data System on CD ROM, Perform Parameter Maintenance, Perform Class IX Supply Procedures and System Utilities, Perform the Army Maintenance Management System (TAMMS) Procedures, and Access System Queries.  There is no 1 week ULLS-G operator course located here.

Q.  I am reporting to Fort Lee for the 92A AIT course and need to know what to expect once I arrive. 

A.  It is very similar to basic training because you have drill sergeants and you will be in class 8 hours a day for 12 weeks.  After about the 5th week, you will probably be allowed passes to go off post, etc. You also have PT every day and march every day to/from class depending on the weather.  No civilian clothing is allowed.  You will be permitted to go off post sometime after the fourth week (around that time), but you have to wear your uniform.  No automobiles are permitted by the soldier unless you are assigned to Company I.  Before you come to Fort Lee, you need to contact them at (804) 734-6790 or DSN 687-6790 to find out if they can tell you where you will be assigned.  They open at 0830 daily.  The other companies do not allow vehicles.  You will be told upon your arrival here, including graduation date, time and location, and mailing address where you will receive mail.  Bring whatever records you have with you.  You will probably need them to process in.  Your meals and lodging are provided by this installation.  You will have to bring your initial clothing with you.  Whatever you don't have will have to be provided to you, either by your unit or purchased by you. 

The 92A Course trains a soldier in the basic skills and knowledge required to support the automated logistic programs at the unit and direct support/general support level.  You will also be trained to perform the manual/automated prescribed load list functions of an automated logistical specialist to include; performing non-automated functions of the The Army Maintenance Management System (TAMMS); performing the functions, processes, and capabilities of the prescribed load list (PLL) procedures and TAMMS using the Unit Level Logistics System-Ground (ULLS-G) computer program; trained on the procedures used at an Supply Support Activity (SSA) using the Standard Army Retail Supply System (SARSS-1) computer system to control materiel, account for materiel, requisition, receipt of supplies, issue of supplies, and storage of supplies at the SSA; performing the procedures on the Materiel Release Order Control (MROC), the automated manifest interface operations, the receipt, storage, issue, turn-in, packing, preservation and packaging functions used to maintain supplies in storage; perform the functions in a Class I Supply Activity. 9 Weeks and 2 days in duration.

Q.  I was a 76C until we were converted to 92A.  I am trying to find out what I have to do in order to get points for this new identifier.  Do I need to go to the actual 92A course?

A. If the Soldier has not been to the AIT Course for 92A10, the skill identifier will not be assigned.  The Soldier must attend the resident 92A10 AIT Course.

Q.  I am trying to locate a career map/chart for the CMF 92A. 

A.  First of all, you must be an AKO registered user; if not, please go to and register with AKO; after that, follow these instructions to get to the 92A CMF:

go to
click on "go to my training homepage"
login with AKO user login/password
click on the Career Map tab
then select your MOS from the drop down menu and click on GO
it will come up with everything you need

Q.  Do you offer any type of SARSS refresher training?  If so, where and are they open to Active, Guard, and Reserve personnel?  Also are there actual instructors for the refresher course, or are the refresher courses basically online (CBT) type courses?

A.  There is no refresher training; only AIT at skill levels 1 and 2.

Q.  I am preparing to go to basic training and would like to have answers to the following questions:

1. What is CTA 50-900?

2. What does it mean when it says a physical profile of 22222 or better?

3. What is the CL, and if minimum requirement is 95, what it the max requirement?

4. What is TA 50 equipment?

5. The web says that there are different stages of an 92A (10, 20, 30, 40); are you required to reach all stages or are you assigned a certain stage?



  1. Common Table of Allowances for Organizational Clothing and Equipment.
  2. The Soldier must meet minimum physical Fitness and weight standards, possess physical demand of heavy (50lbs), and the Soldiers physical profile cannot be higher than (2), anything higher would mean you are only capable of limited duty, therefore you must be physically fit to perform all your duties as a Soldier.
  3. A minimum of 95 Clerical Skills (CL); it is based on your ABFAB test scores.
  4. Clothing and Organizational Equipment, i.e., sleeping Bags, Helmet, Cold weather gear.
  5. The skill level is 10/20 for AIT students; 30 for noncommissioned officers; and 40 is for senior noncommissioned officers.

Q.  I am looking for a hard copy or electronic copy of the ULLS-G user manual.

A.   The end-user manual is included in the ULLS-G program. You can download it from the ULLS-G program.