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92G Credentialing Program

92G 92G


92G Credentialing Mission Statement

My primary mission as a 92G is to reach my maximum potential as a Soldier-Culinarian. I understand that apprenticeship is a hands-on approach to culinary education and that my ultimate success will be measured by my attitude and the amount of energy I put into the process.”

As a Soldier I set the following standards for myself:

  • Use my culinary talents to provide every Soldier the best quality meal possible

  • Appreciate this golden opportunity to learn the culinary arts

  • Share my knowledge with peers

  • Maintain a professional appearance

  • Show a passion for food and for the culinary profession

  • Understand the "Big Picture" and the realities of business and operations

  • Timeliness and punctuality at work

  • Adhere to safety, HACCP based principles, and cleanliness of my workstation

  • Management of food and kitchen related materials

  • Engage Leaders at all levels in culinary discussions, questions and situations

  • Reading of culinary books, magazines, and related materials

  • Remain open minded to new food trends and culinary techniques

  • Take a proactive approach to managing the logbook

Enrollment Criteria

  • Active duty Army Soldier MOS 92G

  • After completing AIT you must wait one year to enroll   

  • Currently working in a dining facility (DFAC)

  • Have at least 2 years remaining on your current enlistment contract

  • Able to pass the APFT and meet height and weight standards in accordance with AR 600-9

    Practical Exam Procedure


    Unit Food Advisors are responsible for administering the practical exam IAW ACF 92G Army Apprenticeships Practical Test Manual for Certified Culinarian CC ®. Instructions on how to administer the practical exam are available by contacting the JCCoE credentialing program coordinator at usarmy.lee.tradoc.list.qm-jccoe-web-mgr@mail.mil

 Testing Procedures

Food Advisors must email JCCoE Credentialing Program Coordinator at usarmy.lee.tradoc.list.qm-jccoe-web-mgr@mail.mil for written exam. All requested exams will be sent out to the Army Education Center at your installation, so plan ahead and be ready to provide JCCoE with the name of proctor and mailing address of testing center. All completed exams will be returned to the following address below:

Department of the Army, US Army Quartermaster School, Joint Culinary Center of Excellence (JCCoE) ATTN: 92G Credentialing Program Manager 1831 Adams Ave., BLDG 4225, Rm. 335A Fort Lee, VA 23801-1601

Note: Soldier that do not pass the written exam must wait 30 days to be eligible for retake.  

Last updated on: March 20, 2017