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Food Service Contract Management


Course Description:

     The FSCM course is an ever-changing five (5) day course of instruction designed to train and functionally certify Contracting Officer’s Representatives (COR) and Performance Assessment Evaluators (PAE) in current polices,procedures and techniques to better perform their duties and fulfill their responsibilities. Food service sanitation requirements and standards are incorporated into the program of instruction as part of the quality assurance lesson plans. Personnel designated as COR are required by AR 30-22 to be initially certified by this course and re-certified within 5 years thereafter. Instruction includes COR training as it relates to the AOR.

     The focus of the course is to train personnel in how to develop performance-based work statements and quality assurance surveillance plans, properly evaluate performance and how to effectively communicate with contractor personnel and the contracting officer. Students will learn the duties and responsibilities of a COR, fundamentals of contracting, basic contract clauses, contracting policy, and how to use the Army’s Prototype Performance Work Statements (PWS) and Quality Assurance Surveillance Plans (QASP). In addition, students will learn how to properly administer a food service contract using various surveillance methods, appropriate performance assessment procedures and specific evaluation/documentation techniques to ensure contract compliance. Personnel will become familiar with management indicators and critical sanitation control points required to assess sanitation practices; i.e., time and temperature discipline, personal hygiene, equipment sanitation and integrated pest management. Practical exercises, individual and group case studies are used to identify and reinforce key points.


Attendees should have completed a basic course in sanitation (SERVSAFE or equivalent) and have responsibility for developing or administering a food service contract of some type. Priority will be given to the COR, individuals who anticipate being designated a COR, or those who require functional certification as a COR, Food Advisors, Performance Assessment Evaluators, and other command approved personnel. Individuals who want to take the course for professional development purposes will be considered only when quotas are needed to fill a class.

REGISTRATION: To register, each command must submit their nominations off-line, using SF 182, to Dir, ACES OD (ASTM-CES-OC), 1831 A Avenue, Fort Lee, VA 23801-1601. The Army Training Requirements and Resources System (ATRRS) is only used for onsite instruction. POC is CSPD at (804) 734-4858 (DSN 687) FAX (804) 734-4860 (DSN: 687-4860), Email: usarmy.lee.tradoc.list.qm-jccoe-web-mgr@mail.mil

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Last updated on: April 25, 2017