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Food Service Management Course-(FSM)

   Joint Culinary Training Directorate (JCTD)


Scope: This course provides senior food service leaders training in support of the ojectives of the Army food service program; Army food service update; develop a food service safety program; hazardous communication standards (HAZCOM); management theory (marketing, customer service, personnel management); installation budgeting. Course Code 8E-F6/ 800-F8

Garrison management: Contracting procedures; commercial business practices and prime vendor procedures; requisition and accounting procedures; records management; menu planning/nutrition principles; management by menu; food service management boards, and the Army food management information system (AFMIS).

Field Feeding Operations: The flow of rations in a theater of operation; subsistence supply units; class I operations in an NBC environment; selecting a class I supply point; subsistence supply planning; field sanitation; AFFSF/AFFS-accountability, and class I development/exercise planning.

Food Service Sanitation: Causes and effects of food borne illness and prevention; instruction will result in serv-safe certification.

Brigade Food Operations: Functions of the food operation management NCO; the food advisor, how to perform a garrison and field evaluation; prepare an action-plan, and perform effective briefing techniques.

Prerequisites: Active Army, Reserve Component, and foreign military; commissioned officers, 2LT through MAJ; warrant officers with MOS 922A; enlisted, SFC with two years time in grade and above, with MOS 92G40/50 and 91M40/50, who have completed SLC; and civilian personnel, GS-7 or wage grade or equivalent and higher, who are assigned as a food advisor or to a position which requires the skills and knowledge of a food advisor. Non-Army must meet equivalent qualifications of Army personnel in appropriate categories. Government contract personnel and other DoD military food service personnel may also attend.


Last updated on: October 18, 2016