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GENERAL: The Sling Load Office is the Department of Defense point of contact and proponent under the Quartermaster General for all sling load issues, concerns, and training. As the DOD proponent, the Sling Load Office is responsible for maintaining the doctrine for multi-service helicopter sling load. The office also provides technical assistance to all active and reserve component military units, monitors sling load training for all branches of service (Army, Navy, Air Force, and Marines) and the U.S. Coast Guard, and operates the Sling Load Inspector Certification Course.

COURSE INFORMATION: The Sling Load Inspector Certification Course (SLICC) is a five-day course conducted by the Sling Load Office under the USAQMS. The mission of the course is to train E-4’s and above in basic sling load operations, and ultimately to certify personnel from all services as sling load inspectors. Students are trained in the following areas: types of helicopters and limitations, cargo hook reach pendants, 10K and 25K sling sets, basic hardware and expendables, cargo carrying devices, preparation and set up of a PZ/LZ, safety equipment, hook-up team and signalman duties & responsibilities, and the proper rigging and inspection of loads. All training is conducted in accordance with FM 4-20.197, Multi-service Helicopter Sling Load: Basic Operations and Equipment. The course is conducted as a resident course at Fort Lee, and as a mobile training course at various host installations.

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Primary Sling Load Office points of contact.

Email ADFSD:

Chief, Sling Load Office: DSN 687-4185/4724

Sling Load NCOIC: DSN 687-5946/5455

Primary ATRRS points of contact. ATRRS Homepage:

ATRRS (Active): DSN 224-2353, COM (703) 695-2353.


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