• 92W AIT Soldiers

    LTC Padello talking to ARNG Soldiers from MOS 92W AIT Class 502-18

  • 92W AIT Soldiers photo 2

    LTC Padello drinking that good H20 made by MOS 92W AIT Soldiers

  • 266th Quartermaster Battalion

    On 2FEB18, the 266th Quartermaster Battalion conducted a Change of Responsibility between the outgoing CSM James Holmes III and incoming CSM Michael Lambert. The 266 QM BN CDR, LTC Brian Neill, presided over the passing of the colors.

  • 266th Quartermaster Battalion 2

    On 27JAN18, the 266th Quartermaster Battalion conducted its 2ndQuarter FY18 Leader Certification Training. The training audience was new Platoon Sergeants and Squad Leaders in the Battalion, as well as Company Command Teams.

  • Logistics-Automation-Ribbon-Cutting

    On 31 January 2018, Uniform Company Chain of Command recognized Soldiers for their demonstrated excellence in the platoon’s APFT. The Soldiers all scored over 270 points with at least a 90 points in each of the push-up, sit-up, and 2-mile run events receiving the APFT Excellence Patch.

  • Logistics-Automation-Ribbon-Cutting

    BG Fogg and the US Army Quartermaster Museum team participated in the Logistics Automation Ribbon Cutting Ceremony on 24 JAN 18. The exhibit is now open to the public.

  • Preparing Modern Burner Unit

    92G10 Culinary Specialist students preparing the Modern Burner Unit for operation during AIT field training.

  • Reviewing Recipe Card

    92G10 Culinary Specialist reviewing the recipe card in preparation of breakfast pastries during AIT Dining Facility Operations training.