• BOLC Dining

    BG(P) Fogg and CSM Rice are pictured with QM BOLC Class 18-001 and 18-002's Dining In.

  • visiting DLA Troop Support Flag Room

    BG(P) Fogg and CW5 Yerby visiting DLA Troop Support Flag Room in Philadelphia, PA.

  • Demonstration of several generators

    BG(P) Fogg and CW5 Yerby receives a demonstration of several generators during the recent QM Board of Directors Meeting.

  • ADFSD night time Airborne operation

    The Aerial Delivery & Field Services Department conducting a night time Airborne operation on 16 November at Blackstone Army Airfield.

  • Colonial Heights Mayor

    (L to R) Colonial Heights Mayor Kochuba Recreation and Parks Director Mr ...

  • QM Cadets

    Newly USMA cadets assessed into the QM Corps.

  • BG Fogg speaks with DLA Troop Support

    BG(P) Fogg speaks with Mr. Gary Shifton (left), of DLA, with DLA Troop Support Commander BG Simerly (right) Nov. 27, 2017 in Philadelphia.

  • Memorial Operation Toy Drop

    The Randy Oler Memorial Operation Toy Drop is the largest multi-national proficiency jump in the world conducted annually. Paratroopers donate toys for charity in order to jump with foreign jumpmaster and be awarded foreign jump wings.