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23rd 266th QM BN Seal

The 266th Quartermaster Battalion

Mission: The 266th QM BN Trains, educates, and develops sustainment Soldiers in a safe and secure environment; prepared to immediately contribute to the Operational Force enabling Multi-Domain Battle, while caring for Soldiers and Families.

Vision: An organization that is Professional, Responsible, with Engaged Leadership that always treat each other with Dignity and Respect.

The 266th Quartermaster Battalion Trains, educates & develops Quartermaster and Transportation Soldiers with five companies (4 AIT & 1 Transportation Support Company):

The Battalion Head Quarters is located on Fort Lee, VA., and is assigned under the 23rd Quartermaster Brigade. Training is conducted in coordination with the Quartermaster Corps, Transportation Corps, Joint Culinary Center of Excellence, and Joint Mortuary Affairs Center.


Welcome Soldiers, Families, and friends to the 266th Quartermaster Battalion, 23rd Quartermaster Brigade website. The battalion has a long and prestigious history. Currently, the mission of the battalion is to supply the Army with well-trained Food Service Specialists (92G), Mortuary Affairs Specialist (92M), Transportation Management Coordinators (88N), and other low-density Transportation Corps Soldiers (88L, 88K, 88H, 88P, and 88U).

The intent and purpose of this site is to provide useful information pertaining to the mission, task, and purpose of the 266th Quartermaster Battalion and its subordinate units. Additional information regarding Fort Lee facilities, the Quartermaster Corps, and other points of interest are available by clicking on any of the links to the right.

266th Org Chart

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